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Helping Hands


Discipleship and service are key components of the life at Trinity.  We learn more about our faith through discipleship and then we practice our faith through service. 

Bladen Crisis Assistance 

Trinity was one of the founding churches of the Bladen Crisis Center and we continue to regularly collect items and providing funding to this crucial ministry.  Bladen Crisis Assistance provides food, and housing assistance to those in need in association with Bladen County DSS.

Partnerships with local schools

Trinity looks for opportunities to regularly support our local schools at Elizabethtown Primary, East Bladen High School, and Bladen Community College. 

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Youth led service

The children and youth lead the church in a monthly outreach project including to the local schools, library, and animal shelter.

Emergency response team

The missions of an Early Response Team (ERT) is to provide a caring Christian presence in the immediate aftermath of disaster. 

Hurricane Map
Charity Drive

Missions team & more...

These are only a few of the ways that we serve here at Trinity.. there are many more ways to serve within the church by joining a church ministry to serve the community through the church Missions Team which helps lead the church in outreach to the greater community.

Contact Us

Have questions about our ministries? Our team is here to help! 


Service Times

Sunday: 10:00 AM

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